Formula 442 G-Brite
Our most popular and ready to use, one step disinfectant cleaner.  This hospital type disinfectant is effective against HIV-1, Tuberculosis, Parvovirus, and more.  Effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


Supercide is a hospital-type disinfectant, cleaner deodorizer, virucide and fungicide. Great for hospitals, food service, schools and much more! Effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Proxitane H

PROXITANE® AHC is an industrial hard surface disinfectant that works on bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The product is effective against viruses even at low doses (157 parts per million). The PAA leaves no harmful pesticide residues, breaking down into water and vinegar.
Proxitane AHC can be used in places like schools, colleges, industrial facilities, office buildings, kennels, vehicles, recreational facilities, retail establishments, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing facilities.

Effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

HAND SANITIZER: Available in 1G Size: 4-1G/Case

This is truly an all-purpose cleaner that is also an outstanding glass cleaner, no streaks, no film. Entirely green, this cleaner is great for counter tops, cabinets, doors, walls or any hard surface that needs to be restored to a finished luster. You will love how great it works and you will love the fresh scent!

Total Bathroom Brite
An amazing bathroom cleaner that quickly dissolves soap scum and mineral deposits in sinks and showers, leaving a “Brite” shine you can be proud of. Simply spray on surfaces, and for the nastiest soils let sit for 5 minutes, then wash away with minimal effort. Tested and approved by hotel housekeepers! Leaves bathrooms smelling fresh and clean.

Air Brite
Room spray and odor neutralizer. This chemical encapsulates the causes of odor rather than merely masking odors and leaves behind a fresh and clean scent. Available in the following scents: Fresh & Clean, Island Breeze.

Window Brite
Ready to use as a window glass and hard surface cleaner that will clean your windows and glass effortlessly! Compared to other glass cleaners, Window Brite outperforms all others.

Neutral Floor Brite
A citrus scented neutral Ph floor cleaner that will clean your highly glossed waxed floors and leave them shiny and streak free even after many cleanings.  Super concentrated, one ounce per gallon of hot or cold water is all that is needed for a squeaky clean floor with a wonderful fresh aroma.


Super Brite

Chelated liquid, the most powerful
detergent to prevent mineral build-up

Chlor Brite For use in Low-temperature machines

Rinse Brite

Machine Rinse, eliminates water spots
for high and low temp machines


Pot & Pan Brite

Removes grease and food deposits
from dishes, glasses, silverware
and pots and pans. Green Apple

Soak Brite

Silverware pre-soak, removes soils
and stains.

Oven & Grill Brite

Removes heavy deposits of grease,
carbon and oils in fryers and ovens.

Universal Green Brite

Highly Concentrated All Purpose
cleaner and degreaser,
environmentally friendly