Aero Brite
A tough degreaser cleaner that is formulated for safe use on aluminum and other soft metals. Aero Brite is used daily by large aircraft operators for the heavy duty degreasing jobs found in the aviation industry. Aero Brite is an extremely effective cleaner that is formulated to be environmentally friendly. Also for use as an automobile degreaser.

Concrete Truck Brite
Easily removes uncured concrete from vehicles and equipment.

Asphalt Release
Formula SB-1 Proprietary soy based formula
Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Proprietary Anti-Stick Additive, Effective on all types asphalt mixes, Safe for use in all spray systems, Effective up to 8-1, Flashpoint < 300 F

Hi-Foam Acid Wash and Wax  Brite
Hi-Foam Acid Wash and Wax Brite is designed for routine washing of golf carts.  This product leaves a “Rain-X” type finish that repels dirt and makes future cleaning easier.

Ultra Orange
Ultra Orange is a powerful, natural solvent (neutral pH) degreaser

Cutter Brite
Cutter Brite is an outstanding, max concentrated, one product floor cleaner for use in automatic floor cleaning machines. Cutter Brite is formulated to quickly emulsify grease and oils and then separate in the recovery tank for easy oil and water separation prior to disposal. Cutter Brite contains metasilicate technology to prevent corrosion and premature wear in your floor cleaning machine.